Basic Information On MDF Skirting

Fitting MDF Skirting

The quickest and easiest way to mount an MDF skirting board is through the use of some glue in a tube. MDF skirting boards can be easily held by smearing a few dots along regular intervals thus holding it easily onto the wall. The glue can be combined with screws suppose you prefer to attach the boards more solidly. It is important to mount your boards by assistance of someone who correctly knows how to deal with the material although this should not deter you since MDF is a difficult material to work with. It is simply more sufficient to glue the MDF skirting boards onto the wall. If the above guidelines are not followed word by word the boards will split and fall.

Water and MDF

Water should be greatly avoided since it makes common sense as it damages any board that is mounted onto the wall. Rather than bend and warp like hardwoods in most cases MDF skirting board are less prone to damage by water because they only swell up. You become hardly pressed to rectify the problem once your hardwood is bent. It may remain slightly deformed but it should not be noticeable since the MDF will simply dry out. We take utmost care when selecting carriers to ensure that they do not bend your boards although we do not absolutely condone the bending of the MDF skirting boards.

MDF Quality

Basically, the harder the MDF and finer fibrous material the higher the quality of the material, although MDF skirting boards come in few different qualities since they are made under different circumstances. When you are using it to make what turns out to be essentially kick boards as much as the granularity of the fibers is less intuitive the harder MDF becomes preferable and this also seems obvious and reasonable.